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From my post on March. 16, 2016:

While taking several photography classes at Foothill College there were many moments where a teacher named a specific photographer with an accompanying “and of course you all know who I’m talking about” look.  Sometimes I knew the name and could immediately picture their work; other times, I recognized the name but that was all, or at worst drew a complete blank.  It inspired me to start a blog where I researched these names and posted a little about them along with examples of their work.

Every artist I research gives me new ideas and inspirations; almost every one also adds another handful of names to my list.  When I first started, I had perhaps 40 names; as of May 18, 2016 I’ve added 100 more to that.

On the subject of content, I will try to keep any posted images G or PG rated.  Nudity should always have a NSFW tag in between a post’s image and title, and will never be the preview image.  As many of the artists tackle some serious issues, I advise caution should you seek out more of their work beyond what I’ve shared.  Gender and transgender issues, drug abuse, assault, phobias, and “taboo” subjects are often unflinchingly depicted.

I’ve tried to make certain that all of the images I post are actually by the photographer I’m researching, but misattributions happen – particularly when dealing with Google and the Internet.  Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

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