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Meet a Photographer – Larry Clark

This one is a little different.  Don’t worry, I’ll have the obligatory Wikipedia summary in a bit, but today’s photographer is likely better known for his films – primarily the 1995 Kids, but also Bully, Wassup Rockers, Ken Park, and Destricted.  If you don’t know his work, it’s pretty intense stuff: drugs, violence, underage promiscuity, etc.  I’ve kept the images here a little more PG-13 but consider yourself warned if you go looking for more of Clark’s work.

From Wiki:

Lawrence Donald “Larry” Clark (born January 19, 1943) is an American film director, photographer, writer and film producer who is best known for the film Kids and his photography book Tulsa. His most common subject is youth who casually engage in illegal drug use, underage sex, and violence, and who are part of a specific subculture, such as surfing, punk rock or skateboarding.


In 1964, he moved to New York City to freelance, but was drafted within two months to serve in the Vietnam War. His experiences there led him to publish the 1971 book Tulsa, a photo documentary illustrating his young friends’ drug use in black and white. His follow-up was Teenage Lust (1983), an “autobiography” of his teen past through the images of others.

In 1993, Clark directed Chris Isaak’s music video “Solitary Man”. This experience developed into an interest in film direction. After publishing other photographic collections, Clark met Harmony Korine in New York City and asked Korine to write the screenplay for his first feature film, Kids, which was released to controversy and mixed critical reception in 1995. Clark continued directing, filming a handful of additional independent feature films in the several years after this.



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