Chris Foster

Coffee-fueled Photography


Oh, the dreaded “about me” page.

I suppose first and foremost I’m a photographer.  That’s kind of the point of this page, isn’t it?  I shoot a little bit of everything, although primarily I do studio-style portraiture.  I dread using the “fine art” label but it’s applicable.  My camera of choice is a Canon DSLR, although I do shoot film (35mm and medium format) when I can.  A couple of the posted portfolios are scanned film, as are some of the sporadic “My Work” posts.

When I’m not taking photographs, I’m a student (economics), a gamer (board/card/video/RPG/LARP), a DJ (goth & industrial), and a cat owner (Bella and Tonks, both shelter kitties).

Former IT monkey, coffee roaster, barista, and surly customer service employee.  Imagine a less crass version of Randal from Clerks.


(photo courtesy of Lam Nguyen)

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